An ERA real estate agent goes over the selling roadmap
An ERA real estate agent goes over the selling roadmap

The ultimate road map to selling your home

You don't sell your home every day, and it often involves a lot of stress. This sales guide aims to inform you step by step so that you get the maximum price for your house or flat, regardless of whether you sell it yourself or via an estate agent.

Read on to discover the ultimate road map to selling your home, including the pros and cons of selling yourself versus selling through an estate agent. And what is a “private sale”? 

You’ll get unique tips and strategies to get the maximum return and an overview of all the legal obligations and documents if you sell your home yourself.

Take the time to read this guide filled with sales tips carefully. Can't see the wood for the trees? Your ERA estate agent will be happy to help you.

The right steps? taken in no time!

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Step 1: buy first or sell first?

Will you be moving? First, decide whether you want to buy your new home before or after selling your current one. We briefly list the pros and cons.

Step 2: When is the best time to sell my home?

Is there such a thing as “good” or “less good” time to accelerate the sale of your home? This is often said, but it’s not true at all. A professional estate agent knows that any season can be right as long as the selling approach is tailored to the season.

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Step 3: Selling with or without an estate agent?

You can sell your home entirely on your own or let an estate agent take care of it for you. You can also sell your property publicly or entirely online. Below, we outline the main pros and cons of the various options.

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Step 4: get your home prepped

Before taking photos or welcoming potential buyers, it is important to prepare your home to make the best possible impression on future owners. In industry terms, this is called “home staging”.

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Step 5: how do I determine the value of my house?

How much is your house worth? The most important element in selling your home is, of course, the asking price. It's crucial to start with the correct price. After all, there are many risks when your pricing is not accurate.

Step 6: what mandatory documents do I need?

If you sell your home through an estate agent, they will take most of the administrative hassle off your hands. If you are selling your house or flat yourself, you will need some documents to be able to sell your home. 

In the overview, we have summarized them for you. Don’t know how to start? Feel free to contact the ERA estate agent in your area.

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Step 7: how can i advertise my property?

If you are selling your home, reaching as many potential buyers as possible on as many different channels as possible is crucial. The more people you reach, the more likely the final selling price will be higher and your property will sell faster.

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Step 8: how do I guide visitors around my property?

The time has come! Your advertising is paying off. It may sound a bit odd, seeing as you know your property, but practice the tour you will give potential buyers with a critical friend in advance. That way, you can prepare for more difficult questions.

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Step 9: how do I negotiate the selling price?

Have the guided tours gone well, and are the first prospective buyers interested in buying the property? That’s great! It's time to negotiate the selling price.

Step 10: How do I make the sale of my home official?

The sale of your home is made official in two steps. First of all, a sale agreement must be drawn up and signed. This is followed by the notarial deed through the notary.

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