Twee personen bekijken de ERA Koperwachtzaal op een tablet.
Twee personen bekijken de ERA Koperwachtzaal op een tablet.

ERA Buyers' Waiting Room: a database of potential buyers

See how many people are looking forward to your property

Want to know how many people are interested in your property? Enter details about your home and you’ll immediately get the number of potential buyers registered in the ERA search file.

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Thanks to our ERA Buyers' Waiting Room, your property is immediately introduced to a range of potential buyers. These are not random candidates, but people who are looking for a similar property in your area and in the same price range. With our huge database, the right buyer is found in no time.

Een ouder koppel krijgt een ERA cava-fles overhandigd door een ERA makelaar, na aankoop van hun nieuwe woning.

Thanks to the ERA Buyers' Waiting Room, I found my dream home, and I am convinced that it will help others in the same way. Highly recommended!


Kandidaatkopers bladeren door een brochure van ERA

Your dream home?Found in no time.

Are you looking for your dream home, but can't see the wood for the trees? Tell us your requirements and create your ERA search. You’ll be notified immediately when we have a property that can tick off your entire checklist. With more than 600 agents and 140 ERA offices, finding the right match is easy.