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The ERA Comfort Guarantee: carefree buying and selling

Buying or selling a house or an apartment is one of the most important decisions of your life. Of course you would like a house without hidden defects or poor installations. That’s why the ERA Comfort Guarantee provides an assurance that the fixed mechanical installations in the property work as they should.

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For you as a seller, the ERA Comfort Guarantee is the perfect way to make your property more attractive. Moreover, you don't have to expect any unexpected costs. What are you waiting for?

What is the ERA Comfort Guarantee?

The ERA Comfort Guarantee is a free scheme that covers the proper functioning of all fixed mechanical installations in your house or apartment. For 16 months after the signing of the private purchase agreement (provisional contract), we send a professional to repair the existing installations in the property as quickly as possible.

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How does the ERA Comfort Guarantee work?

If an installation breaks down, a reliable professional comes to repair it as quickly as possible. Our assistance service is accessible 24/7 via 03 369 69 26. Travel, working hours and spare parts are reimbursed. This cover is valid for 16 months after the signing of the sale agreement (provisional agreement).

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Advantages for sellers

As a seller, you can count on a smooth sale, because your house becomes a lot more attractive. Buyers who are interested in your property will not hesitate for long with the benefit of the ERA Comfort Guarantee, and a comparable property. In addition, you won’t have to cope with any unexpected costs between the signing of the sale agreement (provisional agreement) and the deed.

Advantages for buyers

As a buyer, you benefit from an exceptional advantage. For the first year, you will not have any unexpected costs if a fixed mechanical installation lets you down. That gives you the breathing space you need to save for conversions, alterations or the furnishing of your new home.

What is included in the ERA Comfort Guarantee?

The basic cover guarantees that the fixed mechanical installations in the property work normally. This basic cover for the mechanical installations includes: 

  • Indoor plumbing (for example exposed gas, drain and water pipes) 
  • Central heating installation (electricity, gas or fuel oil) and the radiators
  • Electric convectors (if they are the only heat source for indoor bathroom facilities for toilets, washbasins, bath and shower)
  • Warm water installation (fuel oil, gas or electricity)
  • Electrical fittings: from a simple doorbell to the total approved wiring in the house (including wall sockets and light switches)
  • Jacuzzi: filters, air pump and heating
  • Swimming pool: filters, heating, motor, cylinder head, relay, compressor, non-return valve and non-embedded piping from and to the swimming pool
  • Water softener and drinking water pump (limited to one device)
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Which damages are covered?

The guarantee of the basic coverage applies to defects caused by an error in the design, construction, or material of the installations and devices present in the insured property, affecting their normal operation.

Only damage to devices and installations in the private part of a private home and adjacent buildings is covered; damage to common areas of an apartment building is not covered. The guarantee applies to defects that occur during the validity period of the ERA Comfort Guarantee. Existing defects that the seller or owner concealed are not covered. For this, you should address him directly.

Your guarantee: we will send a craftsman as soon as possible to repair the existing installations in the house so that they function normally again.

The ERA Comfort Guarantee covers both travel expenses, working hours, and spare parts but does not cover possible damage that occurred as a result of this defect.

For example, the costs of repairing a leak in the water pipe are covered, but the costs of repairing water damage to ceilings, walls, and wallpaper are not covered. In most cases, you can contact your home insurance for this. A complete list of exclusions can be found in Article 7 of the general terms and conditions of the ERA Comfort Guarantee certificate.

Does this apply to all devices and installations in my home?

No, only those devices and installations included in Article 5 of the general terms and conditions of your ERA Comfort Guarantee certificate under 'Guaranteed Performances' are covered.

What about the central heating and hot water installation?

If the central heating and hot water installation operates on gas, oil, or electricity, its operation is guaranteed. This also applies to the connected devices. Provided that the central and individual heating installation was properly maintained according to the legal standards of the region in which the house is located.

In the absence of central heating, the individually attached electric convector heaters on the floor or wall are covered if they are the only source of heat. Wood-burning, pellet, and coal stoves, fireplaces, and all non-visible pipes to and from the radiators are not covered.

Our heating installation is in the garage. Is it covered by the warranty?

Yes, if the garage is built into or attached to the house. Installations in detached buildings are not covered.

And the operation of the taps in my bath?

Absolutely. Sanitary facilities on or at sinks, toilets, bidets, baths, and showers, such as visible inlet and outlet pipes and connected taps, are covered. The sink itself, the bath, bidet, and toilet are not mechanical devices and are therefore not covered by the warranty.

Is the proper functioning of the electricity in my home protected?

Fixed electrical installations are guaranteed. This also applies to the doorbell, switches, sockets, fuse panels, and general wiring. But not for garage door openers, intercom systems, burglary, fire, and smoke alarms.

I bought a villa with a jacuzzi. Does that hot tub count for the ERA Comfort Guarantee?

Yes, we cover filters, air pump, and heating of your jacuzzi. For a swimming pool, you are covered for filters, heating, motor, cylinder head, relay, compressor, check valve, and non-buried piping to and from the pool. A water softener and drinking water pump are also covered, limited to one device.

I signed a sales agreement on February 1 with a suspensive condition until February 15. The deed was executed on May 1. How long does my ERA Comfort Guarantee last?

The duration of the ERA Comfort Guarantee is always 16 months from the date of the purchase agreement (compromise) or from the date of fulfillment of the suspensive conditions. If the purchase agreement became final on February 15, the house is covered for 16 months from then on. In this example, the buyer has a warranty for 12.5 months (from the deed date), and the seller has 3.5 months.

We have a doctor's practice in our home. Can we benefit from the ERA Comfort Guarantee?

The ERA Comfort Guarantee only applies to (parts of) homes or apartments intended for permanent private occupancy. Installations and devices in the commercial section are not protected. For example, if the heating system is located in a warehouse, it is not covered by the warranty.

I bought a house with ERA Comfort Guarantee to rent out. Can my tenant benefit from 'my' guarantee?

Yes, provided that your tenant has his permanent residence there and has signed a long-term lease agreement with you. This means that the end date of the lease contract is later than the end date of the ERA Comfort Guarantee.

One of the installations or devices covered by my ERA Comfort Guarantee is defective. What do I do?

You simply call the number 03 369 69 26 of ERA Comfort Guarantee Assistance. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Based on your address, they can confirm that you are entitled to repair under the ERA Comfort Guarantee. They will then send a craftsman as soon as possible. Call as soon as you can, and in any case within ten working days after the breakdown is detected.

Something broke down. Can I call a repairman myself?

No need. ERA Comfort Guarantee Assistance has a national network of appointed craftsmen who also ensure smooth and accurate communication. You always have the right to refuse the service provider appointed by ERA Comfort Guarantee Assistance for a valid reason. In that case, we will propose other service providers in your area.

Do I have to pay anything myself?

You pay the invoice directly to the repairman. Then you send it, together with your payment proof, by email to The reimbursement is made directly to your account.

What is the maximum I can be reimbursed?

The basic coverage of the ERA Comfort Guarantee covers travel expenses, working hours, and spare parts. For installations and devices younger than 25 years, the intervention in spare parts is a maximum of 1,500 euros. For installations and devices from 25 to 35 years, it is a maximum of 500 euros. Installations and devices older than 35 years are excluded. The total intervention per damage file (travel expenses, working hours, and spare parts) is a maximum of 7,500 euros.

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