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Why invest in real estate?

Do you want to invest in real estate? It's a safe and sensible choice. At ERA, we are happy to advise you on how to invest in real estate for the long term and make the right decisions for your investment property at the right time. But what are the advantages of investing in real estate?

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1. Capital growth and inflation protection

Real estate has historically been an investment that holds its value. The value of real estate tends to rise steadily, making it a reliable way to build capital. And unlike savings accounts, real estate is immune to inflation. The value of residential properties evolves along with purchasing power. Your rental income is indexed annually and thus adjusted for inflation.

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2. Passive income

If you rent out your real estate investment, you'll enjoy rental income every month. This is a great way to generate a steady stream of extra income.

3. Growing rental market

We continue to see more small families and single people, and this has a significant impact on the real estate market. As a result, the demand for smaller properties and apartments continues to grow. High property prices are also causing more and more people to postpone buying a home. In this case, renting a property is the best option.

4. Stable in times of crisis

The real estate market has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to withstand economic crises and recessions. Real estate remains a scarce commodity, and the demand for quality residential properties will only increase in the coming years. The real estate market has proved resilient during the financial crises of the past 20 years and will continue to be so in the future.

5. Sustainability

Real estate has the potential to retain its value for generations, allowing you to pass on wealth to future generations.