Rented sticker on a property
Rented sticker on a property

Leasing: the ultimate roadmap

Your life often revolves around your property. So when the time comes to lease it, you don't let just anyone guide you. You choose a licensed estate agent who flawlessly can sense your needs and feelings and knows how to translate them into an efficient leasing plan. That’s why ERA is the right place for you.


Step 1: Introduction and start-up

  • Starting shot! During our initial consultation, we will advise you about the possible rental price and the condition of your property. 
  • We ask that you provide us with the necessary documents for the start-up (EPC, internal regulations, cost statement and ID card).
  • We'll go over our procedure step by step before asking you to sign our exclusive lease agreement. We'll also advise you on the certificate of conformity if this is mandatory in your region.
  • If an EPC has not been issued for the property, we can arrange to have one prepared for you.

Step 2: Presentation and promotion

  • Together we agree on a time to visit the property to make listing photos. To ensure this goes as smoothly as possible, we ask you to read our ERA Viewing Guidelines in advance. 
  • We will create an enticing presentation of your property using attractive photos and an accurate description. This will be published on ERA.BE and other real estate websites.
  • Clients in our database are immediately notified by e-mail if there is a match between your property and their requirements.
  • Finally, we will install a ‘For rent’ sign on site.

Step 3: Viewing and tenant selection

  • Viewing requests start coming in. Before we schedule a viewing, we ask the interested party to complete an information sheet and return it to us with a copy of their ID card and proof of income for the last three months. 
  • An on-site visit is scheduled with suitable candidates. All candidates are given a personal guided tour. 
  • You will receive a short report after each viewing. The letting process will be evaluated regularly so that adjustments can be made if necessary. 
  • Potential tenants will be presented to you in full detail. If desired, a preliminary interview can be arranged. You decide who will be your new tenant.
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Step 4: Finalisation and post-letting service

  • The standard lease (9 years) is drawn up and e-mailed to all parties for review. Then we set a date for the signing, and the property description and home inspection is requested from an accredited company. 
  • The lease will be signed at the office in the presence of both parties. The new tenant submits proof of payment of the first month's rent, the 3-month deposit and a copy of their fire insurance. You have the option of purchasing legal expenses insurance with Korfine. When signing, we also ask for proof of payment for the property description and home inspection. Only then will the keys be handed over. 
  • We will handle the associated administration, such as registering the lease with a property description and home inspection and completing the energy transfer documents. 
  • We remain your permanent helpline throughout the term of the lease. When your tenant terminates the lease, we take the necessary steps to settle matters.
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Leased in no time with ERA

Are you ready for a smooth working relationship? Our experienced professionals are ready to guide you. With our expertise and knowledge of the local market, your ERA real estate agent ensures a hassle-free process.