Commercial talent

Are you a commercial genius eager to leave a mark on a booming company? Well, hold on tight because ERA VANDENDRIES needs your talent! We are looking for dedicated commercial staff (purchase and sales) working as self-employed agents, BIV trainees or employees. Does that sound like music to your ears? Don't wait any longer because your dream job will be found in no time. 

Estate agents with a building plan at a desk.

Summary of the job

As a commercial talent, you are the king or queen of your region. You make contacts, expand your portfolio and rule the real estate empire. You are often on the road prospecting, conducting negotiations and showing potential buyers around. The highlight of this adventurous role is, of course, closing a deal. And believe us, there is no greater thrill than a satisfied buyer and seller leaving the property with an excellent sales agreement. You will work closely with your colleagues and can always count on the support of our amazing manager. 

  • You are well known in your region and feel like a fish in the water. 
  • You do not have a 9-to-5 mentality, but a 'real estate waits for no one' attitude, and you are more flexible than a yogi on a warm beach. 
  • Challenges are your personal fuel. You are so motivated and ambitious that you make even Elon Musk jealous. 
  • Your clients are your gods and goddesses; you are always there for them. 
  • You are a perfectionist with a conscience and a sense of responsibility. 
  • You are a team player who spreads positivity like a beaming smile. 
  • Experience in the real estate world is a plus, but we are open to all top performers ready to leave their mark! 
  • A salary package that reflects your success. 
  • A working atmosphere where fun and professionalism go hand in hand. 
  • Responsibility! You will become the face of our office. 
  • A team of young, driven and passionate employees who create success together. 
  • A challenge in a fast-growing company going viral like an internet meme. 
  • Hands-on training from ERA that will help you develop further. 
  • You will receive internal training and support from Belgium's largest real estate organisation. You are part of our ERA family! 


Full time